Somaliland: Somalia President Dispatches Legislators to Foment Trouble in Buhodle


As the Mogadishu MPs conduct midnight meetings in the eastern Somaliland town of Baliad geared towards removal of Prof Galayd as Khatumo secessionists Warlord

President Hasan of Somalia- inset- sents Native of Somaliland and MP in Mogadishu Dr Mohamed Hirsi Duale to foment in Buhodle

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – Tension has gripped residents of Buhodle district in Sool region as a result of insecurity crested by the presence of five members of the Somalia Parliament.

The five legislators led by MP Mohamed Hirsi Duale arrived in the Baliad town in Buhodle district at 11pm on Saturday and after a hurried reception immediately embarked on meetings allegedly related to soliciting local support for planned elections late this year in Somalia, the country neighbouring Somaliland to the east.

According to Somalilandsun sources the MPs are also engaged with the pursuit of revitalizing clan militias aligned to the Khatumo state of Somalia secession movement through removal of its current leader Prof Ali Khalif Galayd himself a Somalia MP too and US Citizen currently in Baliad town.

The legislators all from the Harti clan have been ordered by President Hasan Sheikh of Somalia to facilitate the expedited removal of Prof Galayd as well as ensure that a sizeable number of individuals from the eastern parts of Somaliland are available for nomination as members of the incoming Mogadishu based parliament” informed our source

The Khatumo secession which aspires to a state with allegiance to Somalia presumably to be to be curved from eastern parts of Somaliland where the Harti clans of Dulbahnate and Warsengeli predominate has been a burning security issue in Somaliland and especially useful to the Somalia president who uses the secessionists to mar the image of a serene and peaceful country that Somaliland has attained internationally.

Prof Galayd captured here at his Khatumo presidency deep in the Somaliland wilderness which he refuses to relinguishTo this effect and in order to show his international bankrollers that prop his selected federal government in Mogadishu but with little control outside the Somalia capital city itself heavily guarded by African troops President Hasan sheikh perceives Prof Galayd as a spent force since he has not only ceased fronting armed skirmishes between his clan militias an Somaliland security forces but is currently pursuing avenues of peaceful reconciliation with authorities in Hargeisa.

Prof Galayd seen here accepting the Khatumo presidency deep in the wilderness of somalilandAt the same having some citizens of this country in Somalia as members of his administration as well as sitting or prospective members of parliament in Mogadishu is a bonus for Hasan sheikh proof that the sovereignty of Somaliland is non-existent thence only an administrative region with the Somalia Federal Government.

While we await results of the Somalia president’s delegation namely the removal of Prof Galayd as Khatumo secession leader, acquisition of a list of prospective MPS and commencement of armed skirmishes in the eastern parts of Somaliland it is frightening merely having the presence of five Somalia MPS (1 Dulbahante, 2 Warsengeli and 2 Majeerten) anywhere in Somaliland.

More chilling is the silence by the Somaliland authorities who not only allowed the five traitors into the country but continue baby-sitting Prof Galayd in Buhodle district where he has of late been engaged in revitalizing his secession movement.

Somaliland Health minister Dr Haglatosie L shakes hands with Khatumoists and Somalia MP Ali K Galayd in Buhoodle thus leading to putschBut if the above chill bones to ice what irks is the fact that MP Mohamed Hirsi Duale who is leading the Somalia legislators is brother to the deputy Commander of the Somaliland Army Brigadier General Abdi Hirsi Duale currently at his command post at the Hargeisa based Amy headquarters.

So WHAT is really Going ON! Since no one will answer this why not avail the Somaliland health minister all the tools he requires so as to eliminate, not once but forever, this jigger called Khatumo that has since 2012 infested not only the feet but hands of the Somaliland nationhood.

The Minister of Health Dr Haglatosie dubbed East Somaliland peacemakerequires relevant tools to uproot the Khatumo jigger Copyright: Somalilandsun, 2016.