Somaliland: Somalia President Apologies for Atrocities against Somalilanders


Somalilandsun: For the first time in over three decades Somalia Federal authorities have publicly acknowledged the mass massacre perpetrated against citizens of Somaliland in the 80s and early 90s.

This unprecedented outcome took place during a judicial conference in Mogadishu where president of the Somalia Federal government Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo  apologized for atrocities committed in Somaliland under previous Govt of Mohamed Siyad Barre, a project dubbed Kill all but the crows

“Nation needed to acknowledge, correct a dark chapter and apologize to our brothers who were killed, maimed in the north”, Farmajo told a judicial conference

Let us bring a dark chapter to an end as we apologize to those of Somaliland that lost lives, maimed, destroyed property and displacement” said Farmajo adding that it was time for a new beginning

This apology comes a day after President Farmajo met with his Somaliland counterpart Muse Behi Abdi in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.