Somaliland: Somalia MP Arrested in Borame


Governor of Awdal Region Mahmud says Somalia MP in custody Suleiman Ramah

By: Yusuf M Hasan

BORAME (Somalilandsun) – Immigration and security officials based in Hargeisa have accused of slackness in duty performance

The castigation was extended by the Governor of Awdal Region Mahmud Suleiman Ramah as he reveled that police in his capital of Borame have are detaining a Member of Parliament from Somalia who has been in Hargeisa for a week before proceeding to Borame.

If it be true of which it must be coming from governor Ramah then the security apparatus in the Somaliland capital need return to the drawing board for new strategies in lieu of the fact that the traitor was not only in Hargeisa for a week but entered the country through the Egal International Airport too.

Governor Ramah who made the revelation during an interview with Dawan newspaper also stated that a few youths from the Diaspora arrested in Borame are now free after investigations by police.

Though he did not reveal the name of the in custody Somalia MP who is originally from Awdal region thence a Somalilanders it is presumed that as per the law that stipulates that a citizen of this country owing allegiance to authorities in Mogadishu is a traitor, arraigned in court on treason charges.