Somaliland: Somalia Bans Christmas Celebrations


Somaliland sun – Somalia’s government has banned celebration of Christmas in the country, warning that holding the Christian festivities would threaten the country’s Muslim faith

The government banned the festivities several times in the past few years, with the security forces closed hotels and restaurant suspected to have been planning to host Christmas festivities.

In a directive issued by the justice and religious affairs ministry Tuesday, the government has instructed security agencies to stay alert to courter any such celebrations.

“Those celebrations are not in any way related to Islam, its parts of another faith, a custom for another religion which has nothing to do with the Islamic faith.” said Sheikh Mohamed Kheyrow, the director of Somalia’s justice and religious affairs ministry.

In addition, Sheikh Nur Barud, one of Somalia’s leading religious leaders also warned that holding festivities besides the two Islamic Eids would amount to immorality, calling security forces to stop such festivities.

“Having Muslims celebrating for Christmas in Somalia is not the right thing, such things is akin to religion abandonment.” He said.

Christmas is an annual festival for Christians commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ and observed most commonly on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration for Christians around the world.