Somaliland: Somali Talks imminent


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Talks to arrange talks between Somaliland and Somalia are about to commence

This information was twitted by president Silanyo through his personal twitter where he informed that the Somaliland delegation will leave on Sunday (17th June 2012) to hold talks with Somalia in the United Kingdom.

This development comes only 2 days after the official government spokesperson and minister of information Hon Abdirahman Boobe released a statement which not only detailed Somaliland’s agenda but a reconstituted technical committee.

As per the government statement, Somaliland will only discuss matters pertinent to, blessing each other for a prosperous nationhood, establish brotherly relations of two neighbouring countries and discuss future cooperation as two sovereign countries.

The new talk’s technical reconstituted by the president H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo is composed of

  1. Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar Foreign Minister – Committee chair

  2. Hon Bashe Mohamed Farah- 1st Deputy speaker of parliament (House of representative)

  3. Hon Feisal Ali Warabe – Chairman of UCID Political party (Opposition)

  4. Hon Hirsi H Ali Hasan – Presidency minister

  5. Hon Mahmoud Ahmed Barre (Garaad) – Minister of Labour & Social Affairs

This committee which includes opposition politicians, members of parliament and cabinet ministers replaces the earlier five member committee that was made up solely by cabinet ministers.

The talks are as a result of the February London conference on Somalia.

In the recent past differences have occurred between the two countries with TFG officials n Mogadishu claiming that the talks are geared towards discussing re-unification while Somaliland maintains that its sovereignty is irrevocable not to mention that the purported unification of the 1960’snever materialized.