Somaliland : Somali family Make London’s Tooting Streets Home


 the Somali couple in Tooting street

Somalilandsun – A Somali family have been living on a bench in Tooting for weeks on end.

Last night two people were huddled under sleeping bags, directly outside TK Maxx, in Tooting High Street. They had multiple suitcases around them.
However, this is not the first sighting of the pair who have been spotted on the bench over the past few months.

A spokesman for Wandsworth Council said: “We are fully aware of this issue and have repeatedly tried to engage with the people concerned and offer them help and a proper roof over their heads but sadly all these efforts have been rebuffed.
“Unfortunately they are quite adamant that they do not want any help or support from us, nor from the other agencies who have also been trying very hard to support and assist them.

A good nights sleep for the couple and why not

“We have been in touch with their extended family and also with representatives of the local Somali community in a bid to improve the situation, but sadly it remains unresolved.

“We are of course concerned for their welfare but unfortunately if they are determined not to accept any support then that is their choice and ultimately their right. We will of course continue to closely monitor the situation and continue to offer our support and assistance in the hope that they change their minds.”
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By Sophia Sleigh, Chief , The Local Guardian
The local Guardian