Somaliland: Somali Child Killing Mother Spared Jail Term


After being hauled back in front of the bench at Snaresbrook Crown Court Judge William Kennedy told Iman Wyse that she has dissapointed and let him down

Somalilandsun – A young mother who starved her baby girl to death while living a ‘fantasy life’ on Facebook wept as she was spared jail for a second time.
Iman Wyse, 20, was given an ‘extraordinary’ suspended prison sentence after she admitted killing her four-month-old daughter Amani Abdi who died on October 4 2013 after she was taken to hospital from Wyse’s home in Mile End, East London,.
Hauled back in front of Judge William Kennedy at Snaresbrook Crown Court for failing to cooperate with probation officers despite the ‘extraordinary chance’ he had given her, the judge who said Iman, ‘You remember when we last met, I looked you in the eye and I told you I was going to give you quite an extraordinary chance”
Telling the culprit “You’ve let yourself down, you’ve let me down” Judge Kennedy who stated that this was the saddest case he has handled in 25 years at the bench Judge Kennedy speared the young woman jail term but increased her supervision order from two years to the three year maximum and also given two years to pay a £900 fine while she will not be allowed unsupervised access to children under the age of 11.

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