Somaliland: SOLJA Condemns the Arrest of Barkulan Reporter


Press release

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Sool regional authorities have placed a reporter in detention at the Las Anod central police station.

The Somaliland journalist’s association-SOLJA highly condemns the illegal arrest of Reporter Feisal Jama Aden by Sool regional government in Las Anod town where he works for the UN owned radio Barkulan.

SOLJA urges the Sool Regional Government to immediately release reporter Feisal who was arrested earlier in the day while performing his duties by security officials who have so far failed to give either reasons or authority for their actions.

SOLJA is further perturbed by the refusal of Sool regional authorities to reveal reasons behind the arrest despite several attempts to establish communication.

In view of the apparent illegal arrest of the Radio Barkulan reporter, SOLJA, hereby ask the Sool regional government and the administration in Hargeisa to release Feisal Jama Aden immediately.


Mohamed-Rashid Muhumed Farah,

Secretary General

Somaliland Journalist Association