Somaliland: SOFHA Concludes Conference on Family Planning in Hargeisa


By: Mohamoud H. Qodah

Sheikh-Ismail Dheg

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – SOFHA, a local organization based Hargeisa closely working with ministry of religion and PSI, an international organization for marketing and research, held 3 days conference on children’s birth spacing and mother’s health at Mansoor Hotel.

The conference attended by Somaliland high profile religious leaders from all Somaliland regions including Hargeisa, Togdher, Sahil, Awdal and Sanaag. Religious leaders discussed mothers’ health during antenatal and postnatal period and the Islamic Perspectives on maternity issues.

Abdifatah Mohamed Qasim, SOFHA project Manager in his opening remarks thanked high profile participants of the conference and briefed the Islamic scholars the aim and objective goal of the 3 days meeting.

“In this meeting, we will discuss Islamic perspective on the health of mothers and children. we also need to disseminate the outcome of the meeting to the other sectors of the community since mothers’ health are very essential to the community basically.

Mother with her child

We need to improve health of mothers, so we need to build a lot of Medical Health Centers in the country. We also need to improve the quality and service provided by the health centers.” Qasim Concluded his comments,

Deputy Chairman of Somaliland Civil Servant Mr. Mohamed Omer spoke and said, “It became very essential that SOFHA and country’s religious leaders discuss how the family, the child, and the mother will have a better health. Mother is backbone of every community in the world. There would be no nation without her, so we need to take care of her health. We come here today in order to discuss and get some knowledge regarding birth spacing or family planning and the Islamic Perspective.”