Somaliland: SOFHA and Local NGO Clerics Discuss Family Planning


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By: G.A Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Local clerics are expected to start campaigning for family planning as a prelude to acquiring a healthy community.

This development follows a workshop conducted by Somaliland Family Health Association- SOFHA a local NGO at the Ambassador hotel in Hargeisa where participants were from all parts of the country and mainly clerics and Islamic teachers who discussed about the role of Muslim leaders and scholars in educating members of the public on the importance of family planning in up-bringing of a healthy community.

The executive chairman of SOFHA Mr. Abdifatah Mahdi Qassim addressing the audience at the venue said that religious leaders have a role to play in the mobilization of their congregations in Mosques around the country on the vital advantage of spacing birth of their children for a time duration of about 2 years as also cited by a verse in the holy Quran pertaining to the suckling of infant for the period afore mentioned to enable women recover from the agony of childbirth.

Mr. Abdifatah added that the sheikhs should address the dilemma facing mothers by teaching worshippers at their respective mosques the Islamic teaching of our noble prophet P.B.U.H Mohamed (PBUH) who is a good example to human kind worldwide. A former officials of SOFHA Mr. Mohamed Omar Said that this is the fifth seminar held in Hargeisa by the local NGO for religious leaders and went on to add that they have recently been to Burao and Berbera for the family planning forum he also talked about earlier workshops held in Borame and Togwajale towns for imams in those regions.

The Somaliland Family Health Association (SOFHA) is a national non-government, non-profit, and non-political organization that focuses on providing antenatal care and family planning services to Somaliland women. For more on visit

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