Somaliland: Social services Minister Resigns Less than 10 Days to Presidential Elections


minister of social services and labour Mohamed Abdilahi Obsiye

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – Due to some circumstance related to the ongoing campaign for the Somaliland presidency, I hereby inform of resignation from the administration
This was informed by the minister of social services and labour Mohamed Abdilahi Obsiye, die get a presser in Hargeisa where he also thanked president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo for giving him the opportunity to serve the country.
According to minister Mohamed his resignation from the cabinet also goes hand in hand with exit from the ruling Kulmiye party.
Revealing that it has been a difficult decision to make the outgoing minister said that his abrupt resignation comes after realizing that residents of his home region of Awdal are inclined towards support for another party rather than Kulmiye.
Similarly he also attributed the resignation from the ruling party and its Awdal region campaign team due to observing that Kulmiye has turned into a one man political bandwagon
Stating that he is yet to join any other party the outgoing Social services and labour minister who said he will give more details of his decision once he has submitted to the president also revealed that his and supporters next move shall revealed later
The minister’s resignation which comes a few days to the 13th November presidential elections is a big blow to ruling Kulmiye party.
Though connection is yet to be ascertained the outgoing minister is a close relative of Wadani party candidate for vice president

The resignation of Somaliland social services and labour minister