Somaliland: Social Media Stolen ‘O’ Levels Examinations


Somaliland digital examination theft

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Over 24500 students are sitting their final examinations in Somaliland where the exercise is in its 17th edition.
After successful completion some will join local and foreign universities while others will pursue employment in public and private sectors at menial paying jobs.
For those with financial means and a fearless drive it shall be illegal immigration that shall not only for most loss colossal sums to family plus anxiety but most likely disappear forever in the Sahara desert or perish in the Mediterranean Sea.
Sl exam cheatingWhile the above is fate the ongoing conduct of the secondary schools final examinations is not, for those with access to Internet, a cell phone and any social media account are assured of passing the exams in flying colors.
Because answers to all papers are being shared to the students through viber, Facebook, Twitter and whattsap etc.
As we fail to understand why cellphones are allowed into an examination room it is also unfathomable on what the invigilators and supervisors supposedly hawk eyed are doing.
Unfortunately those who can not afford a cellphone or living nag in areas of Somaliland devoid of Internet it is sweat and tears.
So who is fooling who here since examination cheating has been a regular seasonal occurrence as old as Somaliland itself but done in the old fashion of leaked answers printed and distributed digital and in social media
As for my niece sitting her exams in rural Erigavo take heart in the knowledge that your results will be toil gained and not stolen, and take pride know that the results will ultimately lead to your not being a half-baked professional.

Under the tree school in bursa ha erigavo
Adeer cheer up as we await results which of course shall follow years past as to which schools topped the charts courtesy of social media assisted theft and those that lag behind for lack Internet connection.