Somaliland: SNM Commemorates 32nd Anniversary


Monument in memory of the Hargeisa massacre and SNM struggleBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Somali National Movement-SNM held a stylish event commemorating its 32nd anniversary at a Hargeisa hotel where Founding Fathers were among participants.

Among the SMN founding fathers who graced the event were Prof Abdisalan Yasin Mohamed, Mr Mohamed Hashi Elmi, Dr Omar Elmi Dihood and Arwo who were accompanied by other luminaries like Mohamed Kahin and Sheikh Aden Siro.

The SNM is the rebel group that took up arms after dissidents from the then North West region of Somalia (now Somaliland) launched in London on 5th March 1981 with the sole purpose of safeguarding citizens of the region from possible annihilation by Dictator Siad Barre’s Somali national Army.

After establishing itself in Ethiopia the SNM launched a relentless guerrilla war against the SNA forces which were subsequently uprooted after massive damage was inflicted thus the re-birth of the Somaliland republic in 1991.

Speaking at the event organized by the SNM owned the editor Mr Ahmed sharaf said the website which is on its tenth year has accumulated and archived a lot of relevant material pertaining to the history of the struggle.

While cautioning on on-going talks with Somalia Mujahid Mohamed Hashi Elmi said that country has nothing to offer Somaliland as it is currently unable to control areas within its Jurisdiction, citing the on-going Jubaland fallout as a good example.

Mr Hashi who is the immediate former finance minister said the campaign for the US to grant Gen Ali Samatar immunity by the government in Mogadishu has made it unworthy for any contact with Somalilanders.

He called for an intense rearmament of all branches of national security forces in view of similar armament on-going in Somalia following the lifting of the UN imposed arm embargo to that country.

Top SNM Commander Mujahid Mohamed Kahin who detailed activities of the rebel group said that the struggle did not receive any external support relying only on what landers working in Arab countries and nomads in Ethiopia could provide.

According to Dr Omar Elmi Dihood, one of the SNM founding fathers the government which should inform the public on negotiations with Somalia , should never at any given time sit for discussions with administrative regions of that country.

The 32nd SNM anniversary event heard from Sheikh Aden Mahmud ‘Aden Siro’ that it was only a vote of more than 97.9% from citizens that could change current status of Somaliland’s sovereignty.

SNM founding father Prof Abdisalan Yasin Mohamed who thanked organizers of the event said the anniversary commemorations are very important as they remind and educate on the country’s history.

He urged all national to take advantage of the documents archived by thus raised awareness on Somaliland’s pre and post-colonial history as well as current one.