Somaliland: “SMEF Project Aims to Enhance Small Enterprenuers” Eng Deyr


SMEF project aims to support the growth of small medium enterprises in Somaliland

By M.Darod
Somaliland sun – A project intended to support the growth of small enterprises I’m Somalilamd was launched at Ambassador Hotel this week.
This program funded by the World Bank will be implemented by an international companies known as BDO & LLP, this project is aimed at giving small enterprises a direct support whether it is supporting them with the business knowledge or the technical skills they might need in running and growing an SME.
The Minister of Commerce and International investment, Mr. Hussein Adam Egeh, Minister of Aviation and Air Transport, Mr. Omer Sheikh Mohamed Farah, other government officials, representatives from both the business community and the implementing organizations were some of the high ranking officials attending the Launching Ceremony of the Project “Small & Medium Enterprise Facility (SMEF).
“ This project is sponsored by the World Bank and the two institutions known as BDO and LLP will implement this project, It is intended to support small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in growing and expanding their businesses, the project will equip SMEs with the technical knowledge and skills they require in running and growing a small business and as well they will be given trainings and mentoring on small business management and skills.” Said the Minister of Commerce Mr. Hussein Adam Egeh (Deyr

Somaliland commerce and investment minister Eng Hussein Aden Egge DeyrMr.Omer Sheikh Mohamed Farah, Minister of aviation, also encouraged small business owners to take advantage of this project indicating that small businesses interested in this project will be expected to meet the required conditions if they are to do so.
The Director General of the Ministry of Planning and International cooperation, Mr. Hassan Omer Hoori, the deputy chairperson of the Somaliland chamber of Commerce Mr.jamal Aideed, Ms.Edna Adam and officials from the implementing institutions have all stressed the value this project and other similar projects have for the Somaliland Economy.
Mr.George Waigi, the SMEF project manager also spoke in-depth of the objectives of the this project, its potential beneficiaries, its duration and where it will be implemented andtheir local partners in the implementation of this project, the potential beneficiaries of this project according to the SMEF project manager would be :
Small and medium enterprise owners
Donor representative Individual and companies in building the capacity and skills of small business owners,
Training and capacity building centres and small business service providers.
The SMEF project will train 250 young women between the age 16-28 on marketable and employment skills, SMEF is part of the World Bank designed package known as ‘ Somali Core Economic Institutions and opportunities (SCORE).’
Source: Republican