Somaliland: Slsun Editor Resurfaces


Yusuf M HasanSomalilandsun – The Somalilandsun-Slsun editorial board is pleased to announce that its Chief Editor Yusuf Mohamed Hasan has safely resurfaced after disappearing for almost three months.

Yusuf is currently in Hargeisa after he was released from investigative custody by the Ethiopian Federal Crime Investigation sector in Addis Ababa where he had been transferred after initial arrest by the Somalia Regional Administration in Jigjiga.
While tales are for telling the saga of this odyssey gone sour shall remain untold but suffice is to say that the authorities in Jigjiga acted deplorably after arrest on alleged publication of information termed anti Abdi Ilayee but upon transferring the case to the Ethiopian Federal Police they alleged that he, Yusuf, is a top Al-Shabaab Commander.
We hereby wish to express special thanks to the Federal police for the manner of investigation that revealed facts contrary to Jigjiga claims that led to release.
Finally we wish to express our gratitude to all the people whose concerted efforts led to the release of Yusuf Mohamed Hasan
Somalilandsun Editorial Board