Somaliland: SLSUN Commiserate the Family of Late Hawo Duale Hirsi


Somalilandsun – The Editorial board of Somalilandsun extends condolences to the Family, Relatives and Friends of late Hawo Duale Hirsi who passed away in a tragic accident on 26th Oct 2014 in Hargeisa where she was buried the same day.
Our thoughts are with you during these difficult times and May the memories of your late mother and Grandmother help you find peace.
The deceased Hawo Duale Hirsi was the mother to among others the Public relations Manager of Dahabshil Group of Companies in Hargeisa Prof Hassan M Jama “Heiss” of whom our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy.
To Prof Heiss we say “The Remembrance of the good done those we have loved is the only consolation when we have lost them
Innaa Lilaahi Wa Innaa Ilayhi Raajicuun