Somaliland: SLNTV to Transmit 18th May 2013 Commemorations Live


Kadar A Gas SLNTV boss By: Yusuf m Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland national Television-SLNTV Chanel shall avail all 18th May activities live to all its viewers worldwide.

This was revealed by the SLNTV managing director Mr Kadar Ali Hasan Gas who further informed that the live transmissions will cover all festivities for nationwide commemorations of the 22nd anniversary of Somaliland’s re-independence.

“We shall transmit live all events from the independence gardens in Hargeisa in the morning as well as the evening gala at the presidency” said Mr Gas

The managing director further informed that the channel that concentrating its live transmissions to those activities in the capital Hargeisa occasional updates from all the regions shall also be allocated slots as they happen.

For those without TV sets or cannot make it to the Freedom garden for the main event big screens have been installed in various strategic areas of Hargeisa city where transmissionsSLNTV logo can be viewed.

The state owned SLNTV has come a long way since it made its fray into live transmissions during the regional sports tournament in Burao town of 2011 which were the first to be viewed live worldwide.

Since then it has transmitted a number of other events live to its worldwide viewership of note being the recent meeting between president Silanyo with diaspora Somalilanders in the UK and USA.

Plans are also afoot to have the SLNTV transmit this year’s annual regional tournament live from the Hargeisa stadium.