Somaliland: SLNTV Establishes an Office for Salal Region


Governor Meydane

By M.A Egge

SAYLA (Somalilandsun) – The Regional Governor of Salal, Gov. Farah Meydane expressed his elation as he cut the ribbon to the new Ministry of Information’s SLNTV office at Sayla.

He urged the department to equip fully the new office and pledged good working relations with it.

The town’s deputy mayor Cllr Sa’ad Dahir Egge who spoke at the fete similarly echoed the same sentiments.

Information Ministry’s regional coordinator Ayanle Dirie Abdillahi paid a special tribute to the minister Hon. Abdillahi Dahir U’kuse for his personal efforts to see to it that the Regional SLNTV office is constructed.

He equally thanked both the regional and district administration for their tireless commitments.