Somaliland: SL issue is a Foregone Conclusion



Somalilandsun – When it comes to Somaliland, its essence, its viability, its entity and everything enshrined therein, the thing coming to mind is that the country’s vitality arises out of her aspirations.

Patriots, friends and foes should rest assured that the winds of change that swept the world’s political convergence zones in the late 80’s and early 90’s touched our region as it did to others elsewhere.

Its result, for one, was Somaliland’s re-assertion of her independence.

What Somalis the world over closed (and still do) their eyes to is the fact that the former Somalia state was illegally amongst and amidst the community of nations participating without full UN membership mandate.

The seat they occupied, and still do, was/is on Trusteeship basis pending the ratification of the MoU for The Charter of Union between British SL and the Italian Somaliland.

This never came to pass, since the ratification could not happen for there was no MoU signed in the altogether in the first place- the file is still open to date.

Now that those issues have now been overtaken by events, the signs of times have been clear on the walls all along.

The simple political gimmicks going on tailored to taunt the region will bear no fruits.

It is an obvious issue that pauper states who feed from hand to mouth have never given palpable alms to any another state anywhere on earth before, let alone grants or massive donations as the touted 50 amoured brigade vehicles (by Djibouti to Mogadishu)

It has never happened before and, surely, it is not happening now.

Afterall the Djiboutians need more firepower to address their bone of contention with their Eriterian foes on Dumera!

The truth is that the coward nation behind the military gear donation is hiding behind veils wearing cloaks of ill-will because of their ulterior motives.

Whatever their aims, let it be known that SL can not be taunted, especially now that the recent past still haunts them. Their emotions cannot be swayed as to coax them to abandon their aspirations.

On the same note, the less the issue is discussed the better. We should instead be focused on how to develop our natural resources and our lands for everlasting development.

We should harness our stability, harmonious setting, peaceful coexistence, unity and solidarity for the good of our posterity and the country.

In the meantime we wish the President well in his journey and expected SL/Somalia meeting in Turkey. We do back him to the hilt in all his endeavours.

We are restedly quite assured that he will stand by his country as the foremost defender he has always been.

No politician today understands our case more or better than him; when he took the job, he did so in order to push the SL interests further.

The writer M.A.Egge is the editor of The horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group-DMG