Somaliland: SL is neither a Libya nor a Syria!



Somalilandsun – The declaration of a national consultative council by a merger of strange personalities has not in any way unruffled the feathers of the country at all as a cross-section of the local media would like it to be believed.

If anything, it has exposed the hitherto diverse and antagonistic “oppositionists” to have become coxswains of sunken ships scrambling for rafts to remain floating.

Sample this;

Individuals hitherto with opposite ideologies declare joining hands to “save” the country from what they call “the verge of an abyss”. The points they underpin are completely out of context, for they are nothing out of the ordinary.

They cunningly coin the name of their new “saviors vessel” using a term that, in basic Somali context, means a national executive organ that is constitutionally legal.

The truth is that by using the term they expressly flout the same book of statutory laws by insinuating the introduction of a parallel administration of the day.

In other words, if loosely translated, it is a formation of a parallel executive organ, to put in check/lead by executive advisory, the presidency, cabinet, national assemblies parliament, and judiciary and by thus, supersede all other national council bodies.

To be precise the formation of the opposition council, of course the literal meaning withstanding, meant a veiled government behind an illegal organ.

Like those of Libya and Syria!

The image they expected to spit was that of an undermined SL being saved!

Amongst some of their reasons of a rocking boat are for instance economic (global) migration, tribalism, quota systems, and worst of all, not addressing tribal whims!

What is/are the tribal whims that they feel this government have not addressed? Which tribe do they want their whims addressed?

Is it the way opposition is supposed to put their governments in check?

Why couldn’t they follow right channels instead of rebuking the essence of Somaliland, her people and her integrity?

If we call a spade by its rightful names, we should then say what truly this illegal organ is or why it is now formulated.

As boldly put by Dawan Chief Sayid, we have seen dozens of such foxy innuendoes put forth by “heavyweight” political hawks behind tribal veils to achieve partisan egotistical means.

Through such modus operandi the cunning hawks expect the traditional tribal backing; such as havoc brings. So far, we have not had a situation that calls for the need of what they cobbled.

If such needs arise, we have the apt and legal means and ways to channel or thrush out differences or (disagreements to agreeing) to fruitful conclusions.

The happy thing is that in deviation from the norms (perhaps they expected), no Somalilander or any patriot gave a damn nor reckoned the formed organ. It made no impact whatsoever.

This has exposed them for what they are, and if anything, it has shown that the populace is contented by their country and government which is well in place.

The writer M.A.Egge is editor of the Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan media Group.

He can be reached through