Somaliland: Six Murderers Executed by Firing Squad


By: Yusuf M Hasan
MANDERA (Somalilandsun) – After decades Somaliland has fulfilled death sentences imposed by the country’s courts.
At a function witnessed by the three Somaliland service commanders, army, police and prisons, and ministry of justice representative’s six convicted murderers were executed at the Mandera maximum security complex.
Names of the six and their victims are
1. Mohamed Daud Ahmed 25 years old, son of Hibo Elmi and Abdiweli Elmi Muse25 years old, Son of Asha Mohamed both for the murder of late Mukhtar Osman Warsame in Borame on 30th March 2008
2. Ilays Abdilahi Adan 40 years old, son of Waris Egge for the murder of late Aden Abdi Mursal and late Muna Ahmed Mohamed in Hargeisa on 26th July 2003.
3. Mohamed Ahmed Hirsi 24 years old, son of Farhiya Ali for the murder of his wife the late Farhiya Dahir Abdi in Burao on 10th May 2011
4. Ex Police officer Mohamed Abdilahi Abdi Guleid 28 years old, son Mulaho Abdi for the murder of Hussein Mahmud Awale ‘Gamadeere’ in Qoton village Hargeisa on the 22nd March 2015
5. Ex Army serviceman Abdirashid Hasan Omar 25 years old, son of Hawo Muhumed Nuur for the murder of late Abdifatah Mohamed Soodani in Hargeisa on the 7th August 2009.
Watch the sentence fulfillment order from ministry of justice