Somaliland: Sinai Residents in Turbulent Night as Sheikh Aden Sune Arrested Amid Fierce Gunfight


Fiery Somaliland cleric sheikh Aden Sune arrested in Hargeisa 1

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Residents of Sinai estate in the capital Hargeisa had a turbulent and sleepless night on the 5th Sept 2017.
The turbulence was occasioned by events that ensued with police firing live bullets during pursuit to arrest vocal cleric Sheikh Aden Sune from his residence at Sinai estate at around 10.30 pm
According to sources, the smattering of gunfire heard almost within the entire city of Hargeisa started when, the cleric defied arrest warrant waving police officers.
“Upon being asked politely, to follow the officers to the police station, the supports of the cleric went for their guns in an attempt to deter the arrest” informed our source
Accordingly the defied officers, out number and out gunned had no recourse but to request reinforcements, that as except ensued with overwhelming superior firepower, from none else but the dreaded crack anti-terrorist Rapid Reaction Unit of the Somaliland police
For almost 40 minutes, Sinai residents had nothing to do but hold their breathe in trepidation as a battle of firepower might raged between police and those at the Sheikh’s residence
As for other Hargeisans , the loud continuous gunfire raised some tensions only ended after police managed to overpower the cleric’s relatives cum militia, breakdown the metal door which barricaded the house thence arrest Sheikh Aden Sune.
While he is cooling horses in police custody, sources indicate that his arrest related to a summon he issued recently castigating police for detention of 18 persons suspecting of terrorism or terrorism links.
For the fiery cleric neither confrontation with police nor a hiatus as guest of the government at either CID or regular police custody is new