Somaliland: Silanyo Speculated Cabinet Reshuffle



By: Moody Bodle

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) – There are rumors that the President is going to yet again reshuffle his cabinet in the last lap of his 4 year term. Sources say that this will be the sixth time that the President will change his administration top posts.

The reshuffle always comes after thorough scrutiny of the members of cabinet and if any evidence is linked with low capacity building in the field related work, corruption, nepotism, trivial and malice associated issues then there’s no sparing but you receive the red ink.

The members of the public although acknowledge the development the administration is doing are still thirsty for changes and do prefer that the few bickering cabinet officials be removed to help make more room for further developments that the head of state is doing for his people.

We applaud the President for extinguishing the balls of fire that had filled the national house of assembly.