Somaliland: Silanyo Initiated Beledweyne-Bura o Road Project in 1966


Seen here on a 2014 meet the people and inspection tour of development projetcs in Odweine  as president of Somaliland Silanyo reportedly started his people oriented activites at a young agein the sixties while a civil servan

Somalilandsun – following comments by some readers that president Silanyo is not a builder but destroyer, posted in our article titled Burao Main Bridge in Need of Attention 36 Years after Construction reader A. M. Ali wrote
Qoute- The Beledweyne-Bura o Road Project was requested, initiated and concluded with PRC by the last civilian administration of former Somali Republic headed by Sharmarke and Egal, but was implemented during Afweyne era. Believe it or not Silanyo was the backbone behind that project and many others implemented in the country including Geed-deeble Water project, Hargeisa-Berber a road, Berbera Cement Factory etc., and today he also is committed to overcome Erigavo-Burao Road whichever way possible.

Mr. Silanyo was the DG as well as the Minister for the Ministry of Planning & Co-ordination from 1966 to late 1970’s, therefore Silanyo involved all major projects that were carried out in the country during that period. FYI, Silanyo was one of the first few qualified economists that returned to the country soon after the independence and I believe he was the only one who had masters degree in economics with high credentials from a reputed university.

In mid 1970,s there was a well-known story in Mogadishu after a heated dispute occurred in a Ministerial Meeting and came out in the open which related to a debate about the location of the proposed cement factory. In that debate, Siad Barre and his Southern Ministers proposed that the said factory had to be built in Buur-Xakabo whereas the raw materials for the factory to be transported from Berbera mountains, and as a result of that illogical proposal, an immediate outburst from Silanyo who was then the Minister of Planning called Siad Barre “you are an ignorant soldier (Askari jaahil ah ayaad tahay) who doesn’t understand what the development is all about”. In fact, that Silanyo’s clear utterance to the President created anger and confusion in that Cabinet Meeting until Siad Barre calmed down the tension and finally agreed with Silanyo’s point of view.

at its grander days pedestrians at the now in need of repairs Burao main bridge which was part of the Beledweyne-Bura o Road Project initiated by Silanyo 36 years ago

Guest, perhaps you’re a kid who happen to be in diaspora and doesn’t know anything about the past when men were the real men who used to do things straight. To be frank, I was one of the junior staff that worked under Silanyo when he was the Minister, therefore, all what I have said about him is the 0e picture with no exaggerations.-Unquote

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