Somaliland: Silanyo Decried Assuming Rayale Administration Debt, should Muse Behi Accept?


Dahir Rayale Karin and President Silanyo

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – Rumours are rife that the outgoing administration of president Silanyo is leaving behind a hefty amount of government debt.

Similarly Stipulation in the country is rife on the alleged refusal of president -elect Muse Behi Abdi assuming debt incurred by the outgoing administration.
For outgoing president Silanyo leaving the alleged debt allegedly in the tens of million dollars is a major shame owing to the hue and cry he and his incoming administration raised in mid 2010.
While assuming office the administration of president Silanyo is said to have inherited a debt of 90 billion Somaliland shillings from his predecessor Dahir Rayale Kahin and his UDUB party.
The noise over this issue was heard loud and clear all over the country with most members of the Silanyo team taking each and every opportunity to inform the citizenry that such a debt which included a huge civil salary back pay had been settled by the Kulmiye party administration.
Now things are back to square one, the outgoing president is allegedly in dispute with incoming one over a large bill incurred by the administration but pending payment.
Contrary to 2010 when Silanyo assumed a civil salary debt running to almost 5 months in back pay, the president Elect is spared this but sources indicate that part of the pending bill is for vehicles purchased on credit by senior officials while another portion’s means of expenditure remains ambiguous.
Though yet to be officially confirmed this dispute has resulted in a travel gag placed upon all ministers of the outgoing administration of president Silanyo until after handover.

President Muse Behi and ex President Rayale Attempts to elicit comment from the president-elect transition team were fruitful by the time of going to press.
In the meantime it is full circle as pertains debt inheritance by subsequent administrations of Somaliland.