Somaliland: Silanyo Administration Officials Overtly Corrupt” Sh Adan Siiro


Most families in Somaliland lack basics of life due to corruption in govt says Sheikh Adan Siio

Somalilandsun-In this holy month of Ramadan citizens of Somaliland are hopeful that things will change for the better as pertains their deteriorating living standards.
This was stated a fiery Friday sermon in Hargeisa by Sheikh Adan Haji Mahmud Hirey “Sheikh Adan Siiro’ in which he accused the government of spearheading this deterioration
In justification of his claim that the Somaliland government of Somaliland is overtly driving citizens to the brink of death Sheikh Adan Siiro gave an example of a 10 member family that is receiving basic livelihood through daily contributions at his mosque in Hargeisa.
“Forget about children’s school fees, house rent, or electricity this family does not even have anything to eat to day unless you the faithful and Allah fearing people contribute” said the Sheikh

In reference to the holly Quran, Sheikh Adan Siiro said that gaining the favour of Allah required one to be mindful of others and more so public officials apt conduct of business
Accusing the admin Stratton of president Silanyo of having thrown citizens to the wolves through unimaginable corruption and poor policies the Sheikh told the conversation that the difficulties of citizens availing basic commodities are in direct relation to the high inflation all over Somaliland
Said he, “Imagine an alleged national budget of $360m by a government that assumed office when a dollar rate was 6500 Somaliland shillings but now at over 9000 shs” thence wondering on what brought about this malady if not a calculated move by an Administration of self-seekers and unmindful of the common man it is in office to serve
Wondering on how citizens are expected to afford the basics of life the Sheikh reiterated his claim that the admins traction is so corrupt that nothing can be done for the country as long as things stand the way they are.
In conclusion the fiery Sheikh wondered on why the Administration doesn’t splash the local forex with the alleged large dollar reserves at the central bank thence bring down inflation