Somaliland: Sign of The Times


President Silanyo is recevied by Irish citizens upon arrival in Dublin

By Ahmed Kheyre

Somaliland sun – As President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silaanyo” returns, from a by all accounts a successful trip to the Middle East and Europe, he finds himself engulfed in a serious situation in Sahil region over the allegedly illegal transfer of state assets, i.e the huge Oil Complex in Berbera, to private investors, bullets over football players in Borama, competition for his seat within his own party, the abduction of Election Commission officials in Somaliland territory by foreign forces and the most symptomatic illustration of dire corruption, the turning of a Women’s Vocational School into a car park.

Who would want such a job!

It seems to the untrained eye, that everything in Somaliland is for sale. As long as you have the money and can meet the asking price, then it is yours.

Is our sovereignty for sale?

One thing is clear, the departing administration of President Silaanyo, both chambers of parliament, rogue politicians and an avaricious business sector is to blame for the current ills in Somaliland.

In a recent interview, the presumptive presidential candidate for UCID, Jamal Ali Hussien, said it succinctly ” It is all too much, a state asset worth over $240 million in revenue and capital, being given to private investors without parliamentary approval, valuation and without legal basis, is daylight robbery”. How true.

We must ask ourselves where is the limit? What is sacrosanct and what is for sale? Will there be anything left in 2017?

There seems to be a huge “For Sale” sign over Somaliland, and we need a new leadership that will stop the stripping of our nation’s assets and its integrity.

It would seem that the credo of this departing administration was to fatten the camel for the slaughter now in progress.

Allow Sahal Amuuraha

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