Somaliland: Shukri, the Young Interior and Car Decorator Inspiring Local Women


Somalilandsun – Every year on the 8th March the world commemorates International Women’s Day!, day which is marked around the globe to  celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

What’s fantastic about International Women’s Day (IWD) is that it highlights the incredible achievements of women from all ethnic and faith backgrounds. It is a truly global and inclusive event. IWD allows us to focus even further, to celebrate the remarkable contributions women of Somaliland have made around the country.

Car decoerated by Shukri ready for a wedding in Somaliland

We strongly believe that Somaliland women can play an influential role within the political, social and economic arena. Somaliland women play exceptional significant role in the economic and social development of country. They are entering in business activities at all levels, making important contributions to economic growth. Nowadays, Somaliland women are increasingly active in parts of the economy that were previously considered male domain. Women entrepreneurs also create jobs.

Shukri is a very young Somaliland woman who graduated from a local university with a bachelor degree holder in civil engineering.

She is well known for her hard work,   i had the good fortune to know shukri over the last year and this has given me a great insight into her life, personality, and   work . During this time I have witnessed first-hand her strength and courage to overcome any challenges and obstacles with respect, tolerance, compassion, compromise and understanding.

After her graduation shukri could not get a job, due to widely unemployment which exist in Somaliland. And she decided to create her on business. She is a talented and a well designer and decorator. She decorates and designs wedding halls and cars.


Shukri discusses the challenges and the obstacles that Somaliland women face when it comes into business market and she says “Somaliland , where I grew up and spent most of my life, is a country plagued by political, economic and social crises,  corruption , nepotism, displacement, poverty, migration, and women are discriminated as work places . It is also hard to find a job when you are female. For all that challenges I decided to open my own business”.

To enjoy this feminine touch in car decoration visit the Kaah trading mall in Hargeisa Somaliland