Somaliland: Shocked by Events in Berbera, Baboons Hold Extra Ordinary Sahil Region Conference –Satire


Baboons Getting news about the UAE entry into Berbera Somaliland through newspapers

By: Hasan China

Somalilandsun- In Somaliland Baboons have Converged at a secret location in their stronghold of Sahil region with the sole objective of mourning recent events in their capital Berbera

This conference in which mourning is paramount is different from the regular annual ones in which ordinary baboons are briefed on various clan issues by their traditional and political leaders while their clansmen/women in government also get a chance to reveal planned interventions by authorities in Hargeisa.
This conference is also different in the sense that it is an extra-ordinary that was predicated by media reports that the Emiratis have taken over the port as well as the airport where they are said to be in-charge of management and reported firing of workers.
Chief clan traditional leader tied up to symbolize how Sahil region Baboons have been ostracized as pertains control of their main capital city of Berbera in Somaliland As per the airport takeover in which the Emiratis have been granted use as a military base by the Fox at the helm in Hargeisa has raised ire.
The conference is also not as usual brainstorming issues but glued to newspapers as well as websites powered by high speed internets for news of events unfolding as the UAE assumes control of the scared clan property of the baboons.
To symbolize the pain going through the baboon kingdom, their main traditional leader has been tied with ropes where all can see him, thence none is unaware of the constraints within the clan as per their domain having been overrun by Foxes.
While the baboons are unanimous that their domain is slowly getting out of their control, the conference has been through into confusion following the donation of 410 water trucks by the Emiratis which included over million liters of water imported from Dubai.
Conference in Sahil region of Somaliland divided over Emiratis foray into berbera As per current the regular unanimity at all baboons conferences seems difficult to attain this year round having fractured into two factions, with one adamant on the need to reclaim control by chasing the Emiratis out of Berbera and Contracting French from Bollore logistic to manage the port as they approach either the Americans or Russians for establishment of a military base.
The pro UAE faction is of different opinion as they point to the donation of 410 trucks as well as the 4 million liters of water brought all the way from Dubai as a pointer of better things to come. The leader of this faction, name withheld, told the conference that the Emiratis are wealthy and their slogan of DP World Berbera Partners for a Better Future should be given a chance to fruition
Lets give DP World a chance to develop Berbera So far the conference goes on, the exchange of Berbera port and airport from public to Emiratis hands is in fast gear and the fox is yet to react to the conference.

By: Hasan China

Addendum by the editor
Though the writer did not mention it Somaliland clans have animals as their totems, thus main Sahil region clan’s totem is baboon while the country’s top honcho has fox as his clan’s totem
As the said conference goes on deep somewhere in the wilderness of Sahil region Somalilandsun caught up with a sole baboon in Hargeisa and queried on why not attending the clan meet, the response was
“The prolonged drought has devastated my entire livelihood, my children and wife are hungry and displaced thence busy scavenging the city for food not to mention that I don’t care what goes on in or who controls Berbera

This unconcerned baboon is foraging Hargeisa unconcerned by alleged takeover of his capital city Berbera by the Fox