Somaliland: Sheffield is newest Estate in Burao Town


Burao local council  renames  October estate to Sheffield

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – The Burao local council in has honoured the Sheffield city by changing the 45 years name of an estate in the Togdheer regional capital to Sheffield.

During the 8th session of the full council it was unanimously agreed at a vote to rename October estate to Sheffield as a mark of appreciation to city in the United Kingdom that become the first entity of substance to recognize the 22 years independence of Somaliland.

In a vote on the 2nd of April this year as a full sitting the Sheffield city council were unanimous in favour of the recognition of somaliland following a private motion tabled by Councilor Mohammad Maroof with 86 out of 88 votes casted in favor, one abstained and one in opposition.

The new Sheffield estate in Burao was formerly known as October a named it acquired 45 year ago to commemorate the so called bloodless revolution by late dictator of Somalia in 1969.

While thanking the Burao council for its undivided approval of his motion to honour Sheffield councilor Mubariiq Yusuf Elmi ‘Bidii’ said that he was only a messenger since he idea an decision emanated from residents of the second somaliland city.

“Though a renaming October estate to Sheffield is a small gesture compared to the magnitude of the historic decision by the UK city’s becoming the first global entity to recognize our two decades independence, it is a move well worth it”

While replacing the October name which reminds and is associated with the brutality of Siad Barre with Sheffield the name of the city with the historic move for the country, was applauded all over the Somaliland but for a few estate residents.

Alter the council decision was made public a number of Estate elders and youths held a meeting in which they claimed not to have been consulted by the Burao local council thence disputing the decision which eliminates 45 years of history at a stroke.

Despite the meetings Decision to not accept the name change of their estate the overwhelming support from every corner of the country and majority of Burao residents makes this a foregone conclusion thence out October Estate and in Sheffield Estate Burao town Togdheer region.