Somaliland: Sh Adam Siro Urges President to Open Doors of Public Dialogue


Somalilandsun- Prominent cleric Sheikh Adam Haji Mohammud Hirey also known as Sheikh Adan Siro has called on the president to consult his people so that the country could be united again.
The renowned cleric was speaking to a congregation of worshippers during a sermon marking the end of Hajj at Hargeisa Hawadle Football Grounds. The mullah requested the president to allow intellectuals and knowledgeable in the society advice him on various issues affecting the country. This way the country could be united again.

“Brothers it not that I tell you what you like or what I like but I’m informing what will benefit you in this world and the hereafter and what is good for the security and prosperity of Somaliland as a country. The government should be aware that a lot of complaints are coming from within and without concerning the state of affairs of the country. The government needs to consult widely. I have overheard that the people in the know are refused audience with the president this has to stop.”

The sheikh gave an example of the prophet of Allah Mohammad P.B.U.H consulted widely with his disciples when the goings went tough.

For instance during the Beder war the prophet said to the people “We are in tough times please advise me on the best way forward after which Abubakar took the podium and spoke for some time the prophet then told him that his advise was good but he should sit down then Omar took the stage to speak after giving his advise the prophet told him to sit down.” During the Beder war the Ansaar people were 78% of the fighting force while the migrants accounted for the remainder of his soldiers hence the prophet called on them to advise him. One of the Ansaari disciples gave the prophet a very good advice.”

Sh Adam Siro Urges Somaliland President to Open Doors of Public Dialogue

The president needs to consult widely with his people since a leader who does not talk to his people or ask their advice creates an environment of suspicions and cannot known what his enemies are plotting. He went on to say that” A war is a strategy not strength or numbers so if the president says that I’m not going to consult anyone and I know everythings it leaves bad taste to the mouth.”

“Mr. President please consults with your people especially those with knowledge and skills about internal security, foreign affairs, war and many other things affecting the nation. As the saying goes two heads are better than one the president needs to consult his people or else he we fail in his endeavors to have a stable country that is united.”

Sheikh Adam said that it was wrong precedent if militias should be allowed to stay foot in Somaliland hence the president needs to consult with the opposing voices. He also advised the head of state about the equal distribution of natural resources in affair manner.