Somaliland: SFG Regime Unleashes Uluso, Its Media Attack Dog


By: Yusuf Dirir Ali

Somalilandsun – A guy named Mr. Ulusow strongly attacked Somaliland In a recent opinion article published on Hiiraanonline website. Mr. Ulusow criticized a recent international conference in Belgium, where the International Community pledged development assistance for Somalia.

In his piece Mr. Ulusow claimed that there were flaws in that recent international conference on Somalia economic assistance. After reading the final communique of the conference in Brussels, I found no flaws in it, instead I found serious flaws in Mr. Ulusow’s repugnant logic.

Similar to his bosses – the leaders of the Mogadishu regime, Mr. Ulusow believes establishing a functional government for Somalia and building their chaotic state is none of their business, but a dutiful obligation of the International community.

Mr. Ulusow and the regime he serves are good at incessantly displacing their serious political incompetence on Somaliland and on the rest of the International Community. They badly botched living up to their national responsibilities.

It seems that Mr. Ulusow has just risen up from a long sleep and is missing the whole point of the international convention; he assumes that the international Community can easily be blind-folded, bombarded with sham information and can be easily set to contentiously believe the out-of-date and the déjà vu Somalia’s fabrications and propaganda.

Mr. Ulusow and the regime in Mogadishu have been doing this dirty propaganda for quite long time and seem to be addicted to this concocting lies to the point of no return. They ignore the fact that we live in a global village, where the sneeze of a baby in Barawe – a village in Somalia can be easily heard on the other end of the globe.

Somaliland is peaceful, it has had state institutions and authorities at all levels for more than two decades. Somaliland had a national referendum and five internationally monitored free and fair election since 2001. In that same period, Somalia was and still is a failed state run by warlords, sea-pirates and human traffickers. The Presidential residence and the streets of Mogadishu are patrolled by international forces. What is more, the leaders in Somalia continuously fabricate lies and claim to have made improvements in security and governance of that chaotic Horn of Africa country. Despite the false claims of the weak unelected Mogadishu regime, there are no resemblances of peace or government institution insight in Somalia.

The Mogadishu regime is not only a menace to its citizens, but a security burden to the neighboring countries and the rest of the world, the recent Nairobi terrorist incident is a strong testament to this fact. No amount of Somalia’s false reassurances about defeating Al-Shabab will bring back all those civilian lives that were lost in Nairobi or the innocent lives that are lost in the streets of Mogadishu. The Somalia regime’s bogus claims will not prevent future terrorist attacks and restore back the dignity of young the women, who get raped on daily bases in Mogadishu streets by the soldiers of the Somalia regime and the AU soldiers.

In his article, Mr. Ulusow deceitfully ignores the fact that Somaliland has had its own constitution more than two decades ago and has nothing to do with the so-called “Somalia’s provisional constitution”. This piece of poorly written paper was the making of Somalia’s warlords and with the help of Mr. Mahiga, the former UN Secretary General’s representative in Somalia. The Somalia citizenry had no input whatsoever to this so-called “Provisional constitution”, but it is being forcefully and shamefully stuffed down their throats. Unlike the Republic of Somaliland, Somalia’s understanding of democracy does not involve using the bullet boxes to vote for their representative or their country’s constitution.

Mr. Ulusow goes to a limitless ignorance to deny the fact that the people in Somaliland are the citizens of Somaliland. History teaches us that Somaliland and Somalia were different countries before July 1st, 1960 and again the two countries had nothing to do with one another since Somalilanders voted decades ago in a landslide referendum to annul the union with Somalia and restored back their sovereignty. I bet Mr. Ulusow doesn’t know whether Somaliland is geographically located north or south of Kismayo – a town that is located in Somalia-Kenyan borders.

The International Community is proverbial with the fake claims of Somalia, thus The Regime in Mogadishu and its media attack dogs must come-up with a plausible vision for their country, rather than recycling and wasting their precious time on deliberate untrue accounts about the Republic of Somaliland.

It is a known fact that the Somalia regime is bothered and irritated by the stability and the good governance in Somaliland. The Somalia regime unleashes its propaganda machine, each time the International Community acknowledges the achievements of the Republic of Somalia and Mr. Ulusow service the purpose quite well.

No amount of Somaliland bashing has built a school, paved a road or fed a starving child in Somalia. The patience of the International Community has its limits and can no longer tolerate Somalia’s delegation of its responsibilities to others. There is no place for Somalia’s falsifications, misinterpretations of facts on the ground. It is about time for Somalia to see its real image and solve its own problems instead of weaning and using useless irritating noises against its peaceful neighbors.

Yusuf Dirir Ali