Somaliland: Serviceman Kills Colleague in Borame, Injures Commander


Borame police cater the killer serviceman to custody

By: Yusuf M Hasan

BORAME (Somalilandsun) – The Western regions Somaliland army commander is fighting for his life at a hospital in Borame town, the capital of Awdal region.

Colonel Hasan Aqil sustained his life threatening injuries during a fatal incident at his Borame command base where a serviceman also shot to death late Lieutenant Farah Arale.

Gov RamahWhile revealing that the perpetrator was immediately arrested at the scene the Awdal Regional Governor Ali Mahmud Ramah said that the state is currently arranging the funeral of late Lt Farah Arale as well as exploring avenues of dispatching Col Aqil abroad for specialized medical attention.

This act in Borame is a continuation of the now seemingly gradual institutionalization of bizarre internal army killings of which the current one is the fourth in a period of two years.

Watch Governor Ramah on the killing

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