Somaliland: Senior Officials Reshuffled


Shiiine to Govern Gabile

By: Ahmed Suleiman Duhul

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – President Ahmed Silanyo has reconstituted senior civil servants by transferring DGs to new ministries while at the same time appointing new faces to head other ministries.

President Silanyo by virtue of presidential decree referenced JSL/M/XERM/249-2448/052014 appointed Adan Abdilahi Abdille as the new DG in the ministry of Religious Affairs while Mohamed Elmi Hussein was named in similar capacity at Fisheries ministry.

DG at Justice & Judicial Affairs Abib Ahmed Ali switched roles with Education’s Khadar Ahmed Diriye while Fisheries’ Mohamed Elmi Adan was transferred to Information, Culture & National Guidance whose occupant was fired out of civil service.

The reshuffling also saw the deputy interior minister in-charge of security Abdilahi Abokor lose his post and replaced with Ali Mohamed Elmi.

Ramaah to SanaagMeanwhile the reshuffle also saw changes in the regional administration with Mustafa Abdi Shine appointed Gabile regional governor in place of his predecessor Yusuf Ibrahim Gedi who was involved in the arrest of Ethiopian intelligence officers while Mahmud Ali Suleiman Ramah was posted to Sanaag region replacing Ahmed Muhumed Da’ar who was assigned duties as the deputy director of NERAD the body responsible for Environmental protection and disaster preparedness with Fahmi Abdi Bidar taking charge of Sahil region.

The reshufflings also affected the presidential guards that saw its commander Major Feisal Kamil Isse disposed and his position assumed by Ahmed Ali Maygaag.

Those fired in the reshuffle are

1. Abdilahi Abokor Osman –Former Deputy interior minister in-charge of security

2. Yusuf Ibrahim Gedi –Former Governor of Gabile region

3. Major Feisal Kamil Isse- former presidential guards commander

4. Abdirashid Mohamed Abdilahi- for DG ministry of religious affairs

5. Abdirashid Jibril Yusuf – former DG ministry of Information

Suleiman DuhulThe president who thanked the outgoing officials for their service to the nation also ordered those newly appointed to assume duties with immediate effect.

Ahmed Suleiman Duhul

Presidential Spokesperson

Hargeisa Somaliland