Somaliland: Self-seeking Politicians Exhaust Citizens Resilience


Somalilanders are very loyal, resilient and law abiding citizens, but unfortunately they remain under the grip of visionless and divisive politicians!!

Somalilandsun – The existence and sovereignty of our country, the aspirations and self determination of the people of Somaliland is the only thing that counts among many other things that we may hold a different view. As a nation, we share the same roots, history and values as we also cherish the same fate and future. The things that unite our nation and keep our people together are far more important than those factors that divide us or create social disagreement. All Somaliland citizens, without exception, are considered belonging to and being part of a democratic constitutional State of Somaliland. However, the frame of mind of statehood and clan loyalties cannot coexist together. At present, the real moral dilemma of a large number of Somaliland politicians is the fact that they change very often the clan and political colour by turn. A lot of those who regularly appear on satellite TV’s channels are amongst them, deceiving themselves and dividing Somaliland people.

Somaliland people are very loyal, resilient, law abiding, decent and devoted citizens. But unfortunately they remain under the grip and influence of visionless and divisive politicians who are only focusing on their own best interest with little concern for how their actions will affect the others. Visionless and divisive politiciansare everywhere! They can be found in all colours and in all corners of the world, yet they have a couple of things in common:

1. They shout from the bottom of their throats, expressively speaking about not socially valuable issues!

2. They give hurriedly verdicts that contradict the verdicts of their political thoughts!

3. They make publicly unsubstantiated statements and entirely confected stories designed to stir up non-existent public hysteria and social instability!!

4. They enlarge, inflate, exaggerate and exploit the simplest incident and the smallest things that may create disagreement among some parts of the society.

5. They ignore the far more important issues and the common factors that unite our people and keep our nation together.

Youthful Somaliland citizens in want of new political directionIn the case of Somaliland, there is no a single day that goes by that we see or hear unfounded and endless accusations and blame towards each other which increasingly distracts our attention from the real job. There is no a single day that goes by that we see individuals that have become associated with misleading TV appearance with solely one goal into the mind: to deceive and influence public opinion. When people live for themselves, focusing only on their own best interest with little concern for how their actions affect others, this will result moral decay that soon or later contaminates the entire nation. This kind of behaviour not only creates mistrust, discontent and disagreement among our citizens but it also consumes much of time and energy of many Somalilanders at home and in overseas. This kind of behaviour not only hurt our social values and adopted democratic principles but it also harms terribly our country’s interests and global image!!

with visionless and divisive politicans running around Somaliland children face a bleak futureCriticism is free but the facts are sacred! A constructive critique generates binding rules and trust among the society and it is beneficial to all of Somaliland citizens without exception. A well measured criticism towards the government has a valuable social purpose and it contributes to the protecting and safeguarding of public interest. But the problem is when some insensitive politicians endlessly continue with a damaging propaganda, improper and unsubstantiated accusations solely based upon point scoring policy or just to satisfy momentarily their obsessive desires for public attention.

Somaliland citizens deserved different kind and calibre of politicians! Somaliland citizens deserved better political debates which can contribute to our social values. Somaliland people deserved substantively well-constructed intellectual debates than the senseless and divisive political rhetoric which currently being bombarded by short-sighted and insensitive Somaliland politicians.

In conclusion, there are moments in life when keeping silent becomes a fault, and speaking an obligation. I believe the time has come when Somaliland citizens should stand up together and free themselves from the lifelong grip of failed, divisive and visionless politicians that holding them hostage!! We must get rid off the negative influence and impact of those unpatriotic and uncaring politicians who are constantly dividing us and creating social split and confusion among Somaliland citizens. This is everyone’s civic duty, a moral challenge; a categorical imperative from which we cannot escape.The future of our country and people is in our hands. It is as bright as we make it, so we can choose to fight for what we believe in or not!(To be continued)

 the republic of somaliland is paramount to all, eng Husein Deyr

God Bless the Republic of Somaliland and its Noble people.

Author: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr) [Hargeysa, Republic of Somaliland]

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