Somaliland: Selal Residents in Justifiable Cries


The few in-patients attended at the Sayla Hospital have to share lodgings with stray cats

EDITORIAL (Somalilandsun) – The worries of the leaders and residents of Selel region which corroborate each other’s are quite justifiable as they are indeed authentic.
The government has to make its impact more than evidenced.
The people expect basic essential services from the state, especially in the administrative, security, health, education and social services sectors (as per priorities) since they are owed just as they owe. People are expected to pay taxes and they do expect services.
The government should and must endear herself to the people in all parts of the nation. In doing this, further public rapport is made and a bond of partnership, ownership, sense of being and associated essence is bolstered, fostered and inclusively bonded in a cemented solidarity.
In this manner and version, tell-tales of tribalism disappear and clannish tendencies are rouged out. Similarly the automatic stimulus generated is harmonious fraternal co-operation and fledgling development in all sectors.
After 23 years of independence we should be able to see and cherish happily the flags of our nation and security emblems hoisted on masts at all government premises, schools, and police stations in all our urban, peri-urban and rural centers.
Our image within should be polished well enough to not only be well perceived by our own, but to all beholding eyes all over the world.
The dire needs of, for instance the Zaila health sector, is crying out loudly hence wailing for immediate SOS.
The residents need and deserve their public pharmacy to be stocked with real drugs and not boxes of pain-killing paracetamols supplies only.
The otherwise quality hospital should have not been left in a pendulous for even a day following the departure of Merlin.
Lives of people are what matters to any nation. Patients in serious health crises or expectant mothers in need of emergency operations are definitely in insurmountable dangers.
Given that this is situation that has scarred the regional headquarters, of course there is more than meets the eyes in other parts of the province.
As we support the government in all its endeavours, it is incumbent upon us to remind ourselves the imperative needs indebted there-upon that requires decentralization of public services and making sure that it reaches every corner of the nation.
The most serious thing is that the region is fast, and extremely fast for that matter, slipping away gradually from ecological zones 3, 4 to 5.
Large swathes of land that were semi avid (E2-3) a decade ago are now pure avid (E2-4), similarly, pockets of hundreds of squares of kilometers of pure and zones have sunk lowest to E2-5, thus from semi desert to desert.
This compounds the problems even further having the dangers of depopulating the area.
It is quite sad that the desertification processes of parts of our country are at points of no return hence beyond salvage.
It is in this background that given the serious environmental degradation, lack of ample administrative presence complicates issues even more that may further severe the region completely.
We should emulate the Zeila Norway women Diaspora.