Somaliland: Security Gaps at Egal International Hargeisa


Ethiopian Airlines cerased flights to Somaliland due to the insecure status of egal Airport

Somaliland sun – Nowadays special attention was given security gaps in global airports, as the Russian plane went down in the Egyptian Sinai desert.

The plane departed from Sharma sheikh airport whose security is up to international standard in comparison with Hargeisa airport. This clearly indicates as terrorists are able to smuggle explosive via secure airports like Sharmalshekh, anything can be smuggled via Hargeisa airport including deadly explosives.

The evidence of this security gap can be highlighted regarding how Hargeisa airport misused the highly valued equipment donated by the British government (DFID) through Adam smith international-the consultancy.

Somaliland Minister of aviation handed over to this valuable airport security equipment to an illegal firm called Horn risk management (HRM), jointly owned by local airline operators who also provide handling services at the airport.

Horn risk management (HRM) has not being vetted by the local security apparatus or the British standard setting authorities, they do not have airport security qualified staff, and the equipment they are using has been funded by the British taxpayers.

Morover, HRM is now charging $10 airport security fees every passenger who passes through Hargeisa airport, this money doesn’t go through the Somaliland treasury, nor it is served for the interest of the airport. All the revenues and profits generated by HRM are shared among its illegal partners and none is reinvested in the airport. The equipment they are using was 100% funded by the British taxpayer and they did not invest in this scheme a penny and they are charging a lot of money all the passengers going through the airport.

A flydubai plane at Egal Airport Hargeisa after Inaugural flight to Somaliland/archivesSimilarly, HRM is owned by one of the competitor companies who are competing against Ethiopian airline and Flydubia, therefore it will not serve in equal footing for all the airline companies and it may conspire against its competitors.

Shire Ducaale,

Erigabo, Sanaag region of Somaliland

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