Somaliland: Security Cooperation with Puntland Thrives


Duur Arale: suspected Sheikh killer handed to PuntlandBy: M.A. Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Interior Minister has confirmed that there were indeed ongoing talks between the government and the flopped Haqsoor political party.

This affirmation came in the wake of local media reports to the same effect.

Hon. Mohammed Noor Arale (Duur) also revealed that there was bilateral cooperation between SL and Puntland security apparatus.

In a lengthy interview with a local television network yesterday Hon. Duur said that he supported the ongoing talks between the state and the belligerent Haqsoor whose elimination in the local civic polls brought a large hue and cry

The Minister disclosed that the government had apprehended one of the accomplices of the recent high profile Garowe cleric murder hence would soon handover the culprit to Puntland.

He said that the government managed to maintain stability in areas where election fallout threatened peace.

Hon. Duur urged the 10 Seila/Loyaddo councilors to reconsider their decisions hence rescind their mass resignation.

He was confident that the talks with Haqsoor would mend fences.