Somaliland: SDF 2014 Strategic Planning Initiated


By: A.A Jama

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The ministry of planning has conducted an induction session for ministries targeted as beneficiary of the multi-million Dollars Somaliland Development Fund-SDF.

At a meeting hosted by planning Minister Dr Saad Ali Shire the ministries of livestock, agriculture, trade, Public Works and housing at Summer Time hotel meeting hall in Hargeisa participating ministers were asked to submit their 2014 strategies related to SDF funds.

The minister of planning Hon. Saad Ali Shire said that the aim of meeting is about the agenda of the ministries for 2014 as he informed that the participating ministries were the initial beneficiaries of the development fund.

He added it is important to discuss about the development funds of this ministries specially livestock, human health, environment agriculture, and road.

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