Somaliland: SBI in Pioneer Pep-up Subsidy to Local Farming


Seeds handing over

By M.A. Egge

The local Coca-Cola Company, the Somaliland Beverage Industries (BSi),has boosted agricultural industry by distributing 2050 guava shoots to the Dabolaq area farmers of Faraweine district.

This is the first time ever a subsidized pep-up system is injected to local agriculture by a private company.

The plant Managing Director Mr. Mustaffe Osman Gelle said that his company would do its utmost best to help local farming industry, especially as concerns where produce would be used by the factory.

While at the function where the over two thousand guava trees were being distributed to 22 local farmers, Mr. Mustaffe promised that the produce from the plants would be bought directly by the factory.

He said that the pledge was not a mere lip service but that SBi would enter written agreements with local farmers to the effect that the former would purchase all the produce at the going market rates.

SBI promotion roadshow/photo by somalilandsun

He further said that each and every farmer would be supplied with as much as tree-shoots that one can handle.

Mr. Mustaffe said that the subsidy supplying of seedlings by his plant would be an effort not localized to Faraweine area but will cover larger tracts of lands in different districts in the country.

The local farmers appreciated the support and profusely thanked the SBi especially for being assured a ready market for their produce.

lama huraan waa caws jiilaal