Somaliland: Sanaag University Trains Female Journalists


Sanaag Female Journalism Trainees with Instructor Darwish 3rd

By: Yusuf M Hasan

ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – 15 female students have enrolled for a journalism course at the Sanaag University in Erigavo.

The 3 months crash program shall see upon conclusion the first time that regional news are reported by female journalists since the current crop is all male.

The 15 upcoming female journalists shall receive training free of charge shall also benefit from working tools like Cameras and voice recorders courtesy of Gaafo a Local NGO.

According to the Sanaag regional Chairman of the Somaliland Journalists association-SOLJA Mr. Abdilahi Darwish who shall conduct the training voluntarily lessons shall be held for two hours every day of the week apart from Friday.

“During the 3 months of training me and my colleagues shall avail the 15 female trainees both Theoretical and Practical lessons thus see to it that they are well versed before commencing work” said Darwish

Others Sanaag region based journalists among them Abdirizaq Terra, Yousef Bakayle and Abdirizaq Tukubo shall also avail their services to the training program.