Somaliland: Sanaag Regional 18th May Celebrations Preparations Committee Named


Youthful Erigavo Councillor Mahmud Warsame Jama (C) urged the committee to work diligently

ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – The deputy governor of Sanaag region Mr.Ismael Abdi Hassan has appointed a 23 man committee from all sectors of the society to help in organization and preparations of 24th anniversary of Independence Day celebrations.

He urged the appointees in a meeting in Erigavo town to exercise patriotism in their endeavours to prepare a wonderful national day “As you are aware our Independence Day celebration is around the corner so I ask all of you who have been selected to aid in the preparation of a stately celebration to put your entire all in this important juncture of our history. I urge all districts in Sannag region to take part in the 18th May celebration which is a national day. Our governor is currently out of town, we are also waiting the central government to chip in and send monies for the preparations. I expect people of Sanaag to join forces to make a very memorable celebration.
In another development the Mayor of Erigavo Municipality Mr.Ismael Haji Noor requested inhabitants of the town to cooperate and help the government to come up with the best national showcase. “I expect civil society’s organizations, ministries, other government departments’, all districts in Sanaag region , women groups, youth’s groups and intellectuals’ from this region to take part in this national day. There will be a competition, so I urge all district representatives to be ready to win the championship.” The mayor was quoted.
Councillors Mr. Mohammud Warsame Jama and Mr.Abdi Abdillahi Noor asked the resident of Sanaag region to show the importance of 18th May in the history of Republic of Somaliland and sovereignty, they said “We inform the people of Erigavo that this year 18th May National Day theme is “No Debate against Somaliland” this phrase means that we should put our resources together to showcase our achievements since we announced our independence from Somalia. Sanaag provincial commissioner Mr.Ahmed Abdi Falay is in Hargeisa to meet with the national committee for preparation of Independence Day celebrations whereby he is expected to collect necessities needed to host this important occasion of our history.
The theme for the country’s 24th Anniversary of independence “No Debate against Somaliland” was announced in Hargeisa by the National preparation committee