Somaliland: Sanaag Regional Appeals Court in Mobile Sessions


By: Yusuf M HasanThe 3 justices of the Sanaag regional and appeal court

ERKIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – Long pending appeal and other cases in various districts of the sprawling Sanaag region in the east of Somaliland are about to be concluded.

This development comes as a result of the regional appeals court embarking on mobile sessions in the districts of El-afweine, Gara’adag and Daraweine where cases involving murder are to be heard and determined by the three benches mobile court reports Yusuf Bakayle from Erigavo.

According to the Sanaag regional Judge Aden Jama Suleiman the motive behind the mobile court session, is to ensure that any and all accused persons are accorded justice wherever they are in the region.

Said he, “The regional court is embarking on mobile court outreach sessions in the districts of El-afweine, Gara’adag and Daraweine where long standing cases especially involving capital offences shall be heard and concluded”

So far the Sanaag regional mobile court that is partially sponsored the UNDP through a program dubbed Rule of Law and Security-ROLS has within the year 2013 conducted five similar outreach sessions in the districts of Gara’adag, El-afweine, Mayd and Daraweine where several cases were successfully concluded.

While the mobile courts are offering justice to far rural areas in the country citizens hope that they will be made more regular more preferably on a monthly basis.

Meanwhile why is the prior and current outreach sessions of the mobile regional appeals court concentrated in the same districts while others in the east of the eastern region like Badan, Las-Qoray, Dahar and Hengalool are not tended to?

Mostly likely capital crime does not occur there