Somaliland: Saeed Sheikh Omer the Embody of Successful Local Entrepreneurship


Saed Sheikh Omer the CEO Founder Summertime Restaurant

Somalilandsun – In 2003, the determined and hard-working young entrepreneur Mr. Saed Sheikh Omer set up a small coffee and snack bar shop in Hargeisa’s Jigjiga yar village, where Saed and two other staffs sold takeaway fast foods, tea and coffee.
The then small snack bar consisted of a counter and a few booths, has now flourished into an enterprise which consists of: Hargeisa’s most iconic restaurant, Summertime Restaurant which offers a delicious array of dishes from traditional Somali dishes to burgers and chips, with a full-service wedding and conference hall, Summertime Green Plaza, a state-of-the-art wedding and conference hall, Summertime Apartments; a state-of-the-art overnight and holiday accommodation for couples and families, Summertime Pizza & Fried Chicken (PFC); a free delivery Pizza Fried Chicken in Hargeisa, and Summertime Hotel; a world class five star hotel which is planned to open May 2016.
Summertime Restaurant’s started as a small coffee and snack bar shop, “a concept that just took off, a trend of the times.” It wasn’t long before people were lining up half-way around the city, waiting to be served summertime’s great food. The restaurant quickly grew from a coffee shop to the country’s most popular and iconic restaurants, serving a variety of delicious dishes fried chicken and tasty hamburgers.
Summertime restaurant is frequented by politicians and foreign expatriates. The restaurant has also a reputation around the city for being the spot for youth from overseas.
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