Somaliland: “Rumours of my Puntland Intentions are neither Wrong nor Right” Fuad Aden


Somaliland Politiican Fuad Aden Adde dillydallies on rumoured defection to Puntland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HUDUN (Somalilandsun) – “Circulating rumours about my plans to follow the Habsade footsteps to Puntland are neither wrong nor right”
This was stated by the Somaliland presidential advisor on Eastern Regions Fuad Aden Adde during a telephone interview with reporter Kadar Ma’alin Deeq of Bulshotv
Q. Where are you now?
A. Am currently in my home district of Hudun where am visiting my rural home in quest of camel milk.
Q. What can you tell us about rumours that you are headed to the Somalia regional administration of Puntland?
A. Am currently at my home district of Hudun and those rumours are wrong.
Q. Can you ascertain to the public that the rumours about your intention to decamp to Puntland are incorrect?
A. Adeer (Uncle) those rumours are neither right nor wrong they are just that, rumours.
Somali speakers can listen to the telephone interview below.
Speculation has in the recent past been ripe as pertains to the intentions of Sool region politician Fuad Aden whose allegiance to the sovereignty of Somaliland has been steadfast for the past twenty three years.
While vague about rumoured plans to join his clansmen Ahmed Abdi Habsade who decamped to Puntland this week, the president Silanyo advisor is reportedly angered by his never consultations on issues eastern regions and more specifically Sool.

Puntland president Abdiweli Gas receives Habsade in Garowe
Habsade attributed his tenth change of allegiance to the same reasons given by Fuad Aden who also served in the administration of Ex-president Dahir Rayale Kahin as minister of Environment and Rural development for over 5 years.
As for now the nation is in a wait and sees game as per the next political move and destination city of Fuad Aden Adde whose family is currently known to be shifting base from Hargeisa to somewhere in Hudun.
Listen to the BTV interview with Fuad Aden Adde