Somaliland: Rumbles From Mogadishu? So What!


Delegates rubber stamp the fake constitution/fileBy: Ahmed Kheyre

The flights to Mogadishu are full these days, not just with returning residents, or business people, but of politicos heading back the city for the big one, the “election” of a new transitional federal government head and the naming of members of the constituent assembly.

The jockeying for positioning has begun, a ludicrous constitution which foolishly still claims the Republic of Somaliland as part of Somalia has been ratified, ( not by the populations, because that is currently impossible), but by a group of self-serving political leaders.

So far there has been a plethora of articles about the rumbles from Mogadishu and how it will affect Somaliland. As usual, Somaliland political opinions writers and political analysts have wound themselves up into a tizzy. But, fear not my fellow citizens, irrespective of the charade being played in front the international community in Mogadishu and Nairobi, we all know the score.

Somalia will never get its political act together. As much as we would like to see peace and progress come the wretched people of Somalia, its political leaders have not changed one iota.

These political leaders are all about money. How much? And who is paying it? Billions of dollars have already stolen, billions more on offer. Who can resist?

In the meantime the poor citizens of Somalia still live in abject destitution stuck between a weak and corrupt political leadership and religious fanaticism.

No, my fellow Somalilanders, Somaliland will continue to march on its own chosen path, the fantasist and dreamers in Mogadishu can still talk about the defunct Somali Republic whilst haggling and fighting over the latest donated dollar. Somaliland was a sovereign and independent republic in 1960, after a disastrous union, it is once again a free and sovereign nation.

Somaliland’s sovereignty is sacrosanct.

What is taking place in Mogadishu is like the aftermath of the dissolution of a marriage, the groom is gone, the bride has returned to her family home, and the old folk are still pretending that the marriage is still working. It is over. The best thing to do at this juncture is to wish each other well, remain friends, and go separate ways.

Ahmed Kheyre – London