Somaliland: Ruling party’s Position on forthcoming elections



• KULMIYE Chairman reminds election stakeholders: ‘No-one is above the law’
By: Mahmoud H. Qodah

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – Chairman of the ruling party, KULMIYE Mr. Mouse Bihi Abdi confirmed his party’s position on the upcoming elections, and he likewise reminded all the stakeholders that law is above everything else.
Chairman Bihi said this after he participated and addressed in the weekly meeting of the Cabinet of ministers led by the President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo on Thursday at the Presidential Palace.

He started that he is happy to declare the position of the ruling party and its government on the upcoming elections which have been expected to take place on 26 June of this year and noted, “Democracy has its own phase for every and each community in the World, as its practice results and decides the socio-economic, religion, history, community integrity of each and every of those communities. KULMIYE is committed on applying the pillars, the values and the principles of the democracy. Two of those pillars are; that all national councils and municipalities come to office through elections process, and the second core pillar is having free, fair and timely elections.”
He added that President Silanyo’s led government has processed and executed all the pre-requisite conditions required for holding free, fair and timely elections which were; elections law/act, the appointment of electoral committee members and third is the required money.
“Furthermore, President Silanyo after accomplished those issues on time, he sent ‘a letter of commitment’ to the all the stakeholders of country’s elections. But unfortunately all these things become stuck in the office of the Chairman of House of Representatives who is also the Chairman of WADANI.”
“KULMIYE’S position on the forthcoming is that we are ready to take part in the elections after the announcement of the Electoral Commission. And that laws and rules empowered members of the Electoral Commission to set a date for the elections. And if elections failed and delayed from its time, political parties are required only to share and to have consultations on discussing what has gone wrong and what can be the best and the viable solutions for holding free and fair elections. All of us should know that one thing is compulsory, and it is that the law is above everything else, as such everything should be settled under the sphere of the law.”
By: Mahmamoud H. Qodah