Somaliland: Ruling Party Kulmiye Dismisses Two High Rank Officials


The Sacked and the power weilders within the Somaliland ruling party Kulmiye

By: Omar Mohamed Farah
Somalilandsun – The Somaliland ruling party KULMIYE has sacked two of its senior leaders for allegedly , violating party laws.

According to a press statement released from the party’s headquarters in Hargeisa the 2nd and 3rd deputy leaders Mohamed Haji Yusuf Wabeye and Adirahman Mohamed Talyanle respectivdl were relieved from their posts and subsequently strck-off the membership list.
“So far executive committee of the KULMIYE Party decided to dismiss the second and third chairmen’s of the party after when they adopted against the ideology and the policies of the party,” said that Hassan Gafadhi as spokes man of KULMIYE party on his press statement issued April 10.
He accused these politicians holds as parliamentary members, elected in Togdher and Sanag regions.
The second and third chairmen of KULMIYE, had been boycotted the central committee submit in 10 November of last year, which crowned Muse Bihi Abdi as the presidential candidate of the party and re-elected vice President of Abdirahman Sayli’I whose is running his second term as the presidential elections will be held in the end of march next year.

Wabeye and Talyanle remarked earlier that Muse Bihi has damaged the democracy nature of the party and claimed he refused to hold democratic otomisphere which is giving chance his competitors. Also they added it can be fired only general