Somaliland: Ruling Kulmiye Party Details 2yrs Development Achievement


VP Sayli greets party supporters on arrival at Freedom garden“We have accomplished 70% of development pledges made by the Kulmiye party during the 2010 presidential election campaign” VP Sayli

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The ruling Kulmiye party has promised to fulfill the remaining 30% of campaign promises.

The ongoing local council election campaigns saw the ruling Kulmiye party became the third contesting party to solicit vote’s nation where supporters turned out in their thousands in a bid to outdo Gaboose’s UMADDA & Jamal’s UCID.

All roads led to the Freedom garden after the large convoy of an assortment of all types of vehicles that ferried the Kulmiye party colours waving supporters round the various estates of Hargeisa finished its tour.

After the thousands of supporters and their candidates for seats in the Hargeisa municipality settled in the garden various ruling party officials addressed them with each speaker stressing on the importance of voting for the party.

The Vice president who was the chief guest cum campaigner Hon Abdirahman Sayli thanked the party faithful for their continued support to Kulmiye.

VP Sayli having officially launched the party’s campaign for the local council elections to be held on 28th November 2012 went on to list achievements made by the ruling Kulmiye party and president Silanyo since assuming office two and a half years ago.

Below are the verbatim excerpts of VP Sayli’s speech at the freedom Garden where thousands of party supporters attended.

Bismilaahi raxmaani raxiim

Asalaamu-caleykum, wa-raxmatullaahi Wa-barakaatu

Ladies and Gentlemen: first is to extend greetings from the president H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo to all Somalilanders both in the country and the Diaspora.

Secondly is to thank you all for the support your continued support to president Silanyo, his administration and the ruling party of Kulmiye.

Your support has enable president Silanyo and his administration to achieve innumerable success as pertains to national development within a period of two and a half years.

It is with confidence that we in the ruling Kulmiye party once again request your votes during the forth coming local council elections in order to complete remaining activities with local governments.

Ladies and gentlemen your are all witness to the efforts undertaken by the ruling party towards fulfilling pledges made to you during the presidential elections of 2010

These efforts under the able leadership of president Silanyo have resulted in the accomplishment of 70% of all election pledges made in 2010 thus our request for your votes once again thus accomplish the remaining 30%

Citizens and Kulmiye party supporters I here wish to chronicle sectors, in order of importance, where the administration has realized the said 70% accomplishment as well as prevalent status of initiatives for the remainder 30% of which we hope to complete with your support Insha Allah (God willing)

1. Peace & Security:

As you are aware nothing is possible without peace and security. To this effect the administration of the Kulmiye party with the support of the citizenry has work hard to ensure that not a single area of the country is engulfed in conflict and insecurity.

These efforts are evident as pertains to the return to normalcy in areas like Kalshaale, Elbardare and Erigavo where the incoming government of president Silanyo and the Kulmiye party inherited conflicts among area residents.

The efforts of Kulmiye functionaries and administration officials assisted by traditional leaders and elders ensured that the former antagonists reconcile peacefully thus deterrence to bloodshed among brothers.

At the same time the administration embarked on strengthening security forces through skills training that have assisted in sustainability of prevalent peace.

In the same pursuit of security the administration enhanced the operational capacity of the coast guard through an addition of 260 well trained officers. This has enabled continued vigilance against Pirates and illegal fishing in our waters.

2. Social Services

a) Education

Within the short period that the Kulmiye government has been in power a number of important milestones have been attained in the education sector, namely:

1. Availing education to all by making primary school education free thus an increase in the numbers of new registrations as well as reduction in drop-outs.

2. An increase of 2500 trained teachers in public schools at both primary and secondary levels.

3. Ensured the quality of education through the establishment of a higher education commission that monitors the curriculums of secondary schools and universities.

4. The solicitation and disbursement of scholarships for education in foreign universities.

b) Health:

The Kulmiye government having stressed on the development of the health sector has achieved:

1. The opening of a fully equipped regional hospital at Gabile as well as the construction (Ongoing) of a 235 bed hospital in Hargeisa.

2. The recruitment of 443 medical personnel who include doctors, nurses, pharmacist and midwives.

3. Increased the emergency response of Erigavo, Borame Gabile and Berbera through the provision if extra ambulances.

4. Rehabilitate the formerly out of function Kidney dialysis machine.

c) Livestock

1. Since livestock remains the economic thus livelihood backbone of the nation the Kulmiye government has concentrated in ensuring that the pasturelands are free of diseases thus managed to utilize the services of 30 veterinary medicine teams for inoculations.

3. The improved livestock health has proceeded with the country having exported the biggest number of livestock.

This development has also been made possible by various improvements made to the infrastructure and personnel of Berbera port.

4. The rule of Law and Justice:

Ladies and Gentlemen: as you are aware and witness to, the Kulmiye government has continuously engaged in the promotion and enhancement of law and justice since day way, an undertaking that is still ongoing.

For effective administration of justice, the government has drafted a judicial strategic plan as well as created a judicial committee that assists in the selection of capable and just court officials

In pursuit of ensuring that citizens are availed proper and impartial justice, the Kulmiye government has made changes in the structure and personnel composition of judicial committee, High court, Court of appeal from district, regional to national levels.

5. Water:

Water is one of the most essential commodities for both human and animal life and its sufficient acquisition has remained one of the main focuses of the Kulmiye government. To this effect the following has been achieved

a) The addition of 30 water boreholes while a similar number is in process.

b) 23 water reservoirs constructed in all the regions within a diversified water installation projects ongoing in 18 trading centres of Awdal, salel, Maroodi-jeeh, Toghdeer, Sahil, Sool and sanaag regions respectfully

c) At the same time an EU funded project is set to start providing sufficient water in Hargeisa, Erigavo, Wajale and Burao towns respectively.

6. Agriculture:

In order to attain food security thus stop relying on external food aid the government has completed an agricultural assessment whose results are under implementation thus increase the acreage under plantation as well as adaptation of pedigree seeds and modern farming techniques.

An example of this achievement is the ongoing production of Rice in some parts of the country, a project jointly funded by the government and local entrepreneurs. It is envisaged that the massive importation of rice which is the staple diet will cease in a very short time.

7. Roads :

The Kulmiye government has seen to it that local councils countrywide have utilized their revenue to construct or rehabilitate roads in all their respective areas.

8. Youth

We have developed sporting activities nationwide in a bid to provide avenues for our youth to escape from joining the ranks of drug addicts in addition to providing them with avenues for releasing their extra energies as well as develop various talents.

9. Economy:

When president Silanyo took over in mid 2010, the government coffers were empty not to mention a huge debt to date the Kulmiye administration has reversed the negative financial situation through stringent corruption measures, enhanced tax collection etc.

These endeavours of strict and transparent have enabled the central coffers to not only stabilize national funds but increase the annual budget from 320 to 520 billion Somaliland shillings.

In relation to the increased revenue the government has:

a) Increased by 100% the salary of civil servants, Armed forces, Parliamentarians and cabinet

b) Removed from circulation the Gimbar (Somali) Currency in Toghdeer region where residents had suffered for along time.

c) Availed Radio Hargeisa worldwide broadcasting capabilities through the purchase and installation of 100kw radio transmitter as well as enhanced the satellite transmissions of the national TV station.

D) Employed 4500 civil servants among them teachers, medical personnel etc

10. Politics:

The Kulmiye administration has intensified the quest for recognition worldwide by:

1. Dispatching diverse delegations including presidential, ministerial and technocrat ones to various destinations where relevant agreements have been achieved

2. The government has attended on invitation from international governments, conferences and meetings of import being the London conference on Somalia on 23 February 2012 in which the country’s flag flew among those of world governments.

3. Another important political milestone was the talks between Somaliland and Somalia which ensued with meeting in Chevening house London by technical committees and the one in Dubai between the two presidents Silanyo and Sheriff

On conclusion of his lengthily address the Vice president Hon Abdirahman Ismail Sayli received a standing ovation from the thousands of Kulmiye party faithful, members of parliament and cabinet ministers.