Somaliland: Rowdy Unionist Fail to Disrupt 18th May Celebrations in Holland


By: Latifa Yusuf MasaiPolice intervene to calm Somalilanders intent on lynching unionists at their 18 may Paerty in Amsterdam

The HAGUE (Somalilandsun) – Police in the Netherlands Business capital of the Hague are detaining two Somalians pending charges related to creating disturbances in a manner likely to cause a breach to peace.

The arrests occurred at a venue in the Hague where Somalilanders were celebrating 22 years of their country’s independence on the 18th May 2013.

Speaking on phone to Somalilandsun event organizers informed that they were prompted to summon police after a couple of guys from Mogadishu entered the hall covertly and started insulting the celebrants as well as attempts on shredding the Somaliland national flags which were draped everywhere inside and outside the venue.

“Although we initially managed to calm the multitude of Somalilanders, continued uncouth language and rowdy behaviour from the citizens of Somalia made things impossible” Said Ms Amran who was part of the events organizing committee.

The Hague police was summoned after it was perceived that the now visibly angry Hollanders-Somalilanders wHague police restore calm during 18th May celebrationsere intent on lynching the intruders whom they had started kicking and slapping.

Following the beatings meted on the disruptive Somalians the Hague police report that a couple of them are undergoing medical attention and once termed fit charges similar to those being processed for their brethren in custody are possible.

Though the independence anniversary had to be disrupted for an hour or so after the arrival of police, the events resumed after the arrests and ambulance had catered the injured few.

This is the first time for such an incident to be reported anywhere in the diaspora between Somalians and Somalilanders